Lowell MA For Sale by Owner or Realtor?

Go online today and you will find over 84 condominiums for sale in Lowell, Massachusetts ranging in price from $38,000 to $360,000, there are a wide variety of choices for even the most discriminating buyer.

Now let’s say you are interested in listing your condo for sale as a Massachusetts for sale by owner (Massachusetts FSBO). How can you, as a seller, expose your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and compete with the other condos currently on the market?

Entry only MLS listings are gaining in popularity as today’s homeowners balk at paying as much as 6 percent in real estate agent commissions.

Because of this increased interest, discount real estate brokers, or more appropriately in this case, flat fee MLS listing services are now looked at as game changers in the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Flat fee MLS services are different than traditional real estate brokerage services and can save homeowners thousands of dollars when selling a home FSBO. Selling a property today is all about exposure, and flat fee MLS gives your property the same MLS coverage and exposure as those uploaded by traditional real estate agencies charging full commissions. Once online in the Internet enabled MLS, your property is available 24 hours a day to thousands of buyers and real estate agents who are constantly on the search for new homes and condos.

Lowell Massachusetts Entry Only Listing Service

In Lowell, where housing prices have remained flat for the year, more and more home sellers want to take away as much money from their home sale as possible. With many condos on the market in Lowell, including several in popular neighborhoods such as Highlands and Belvidere, a typical six percent commission on a condo listed at $120,000 is $7,200 or higher.

This $7,200 real estate agent commission is usually split between the buyer and seller’s agents. For many Lowell property owners, as well as in other cities in Massachusetts, why pay someone else when you can do it yourself? In today’s changing real estate market, many sellers prefer to work with buyers and buyer agents directly, thus saving a considerable sum in real estate commission.

So it’s no surprise that with a Lowell flat fee MLS service, sellers are taking the home selling process into their own hands, and saving thousands of dollars along the way.

How to FSBO Lowell Massachusetts

Consider that the real estate industry has changed dramatically in the past several years. The key component to a successful home sale is to expose your property directly to buyers and their agents. This fundamental baseline to accomplish this is listing your condo on the MLS. In previous years, only by hiring a traditional real estate agent charging a full commission could your property be placed on the MLS. Today, a flat fee MLS broker will list your home for sale on the official local MLS, allowing buyers to view your property in the same way other properties represented by traditional real estate agents are seen – what’s the difference? The difference is that with a flat fee M LS approach, you’re saving thousands of dollars.

With technology and real estate going hand in hand, flat fee MLS services cut out the seller’s agent and allow homeowners to take control of marketing their own property. Over 80 percent of homebuyers search the Internet for their home, and this includes such popular sites as Realtor.com. By the time a buyer walks through a property for the first time, they have already toured the home virtually, probably several of times.

Buyers today want to know more about a home before they actually make an appointment to see it or schedule a showing, and with the Internet, this information is at their fingertips. For real estate agents, this has changed their job description. Buyers no longer call an agent when they see a property while driving through a neighborhood. Instead, the majority of buyers will immediately go online and get the details themselves. Real estate agents understand this.

Chances are, a buyer is already sold on your property before they even walk in the front door as they have viewed, researched and studied your property themselves. Thanks to online services, a buyer can discover the Lowell school districts, map the commute to work and view the home’s pricing history while never leaving their home.

Lowell MA For Sale by Owner or Realtor?

Therefore, with information so readily available, and many homeowners familiar with your property before they make an appointment to see it because of its MLS presence, selling a property has drastically changed in the past few years. Advertising your home in newspapers and other publications is virtually ignored by buyers today. If it’s not on the Internet, then over 80 percent of the home buyers today won’t see your property.

Entry only MLS listings represent a flat fee MLS approach that will get your home the same amount of exposure as if you listed with a traditional real estate agent. Your home will be available on thousands of local real estate websites as well as other sites that attract buyers by the thousands.

The absence of paying a typical real estate commission upwards of 6% all while gathering much needed online presence for your property makes it easy to see why more and more sellers are considering flat fee MLS.

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