FSBO Springfield MA with Flat Fee MLS Listings

Springfield offers some of the most affordable homes in the state of Massachusetts, which is good news for buyers looking to purchase a home in 2013. With an average listing price of $125,000, Springfield now has over 400 single-family homes on the market for sale.

Recent data trends show us that from September to November 2012, the median Springfield sales price increased by almost $5,000 which is just over five percent from the previous year.

For Springfield Massachusetts For Sale by Owners (FSBO) who are listing their homes via a flat fee Multiple Listing Service (MLS) approach, that means even more dollars in their pocket.

Why FSBO Springfield Massachusetts

With buyers today looking for good bargains in housing, Springfield is a natural choice. As the most populous city in western New England, and with a real estate economy that is improving, sellers are taking advantage of increased profits in their homes by using a flat fee MLS listing service to get their home into the MLS and exposed to thousands of buyers searching for Springfield homes online.

This strategy allows a homeowner to list their home on the MLS for an affordable one-time flat fee – much less than what would be paid with a standard real estate agent commission.

With a Springfield FSBO, no commission fees are paid to a real estate agent that normally represents the seller. The benefit? A savings of thousands of dollars while giving your home the much needed exposure to real estate agents and buyers.

How to FSBO Springfield MA

Take for example, a current home on the market in Springfield. Located on Sumner Avenue for $139,000, a seller would save up to $3,875 by using a flat fee MLS listing service instead of paying a commission to a seller’s agent. Should a buyer not have an agent as well, then the seller stands to gain the entire real estate commission – learn how flat fee MLS entry only listings work.

Springfield MA Flat Fee MLS Listings

Flat fee entry only MLS listings are gaining in popularity, especially in Springfield, as the real estate market evolves. The majority of homes today are promoted and sold through the Internet as over 80 percent of buyers look online for their next property. The exposure created through an entry only MLS listing is no different than a home being listed by a traditional listing agent, charging full commission.

Flat fee MLS listings are included in such high profile websites as Realtor.com as well as Yahoo and AOL, making your property available to thousands of real estate agents and homebuyers. Without this much needed online presence, your home won’t get showing requests, and could linger on the market.

In today’s real estate market, home owners now have choices when selling their home. Prior to a flat free MLS model, when selling a home FSBO, it was difficult to get a property listed in the MLS, as the MLS is reserved for licensed real estate agents.

Entry Only New England and flat fee MLS listings change the real estate landscape, giving sellers an alternative to avoid paying real estate agent commissions while not forsaking property exposure.

With a flat fee MLS listing, Springfield homeowners take over the services that a traditional listing broker or agent normally perform when selling a property. As a MA FSBO, the homeowner schedules and attends showings, conducts open houses, and negotiates their own offers to purchase.

As a FSBO with Entry Only New England, your property is treated exactly the same in the MLS as a property listed by a traditional real estate brokerage at full commission – the exact same exposure on the MLS!

Springfield Massachusetts Flat Fee Listing Service

As the flat fee MLS trend in real estate gains popularity, it’s important to note that the role of the real estate agent has changed. It’s the Internet that brings buyers and sellers together and more and more home owners are not willing to pay a standard or traditional real estate agent commission to sell their own home.

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