Help me Sell my House For Sale by Owner in Revere MA

There’s lots of good news for property owners in Revere, Massachusetts. Some of the latest reports show that home values have increased by $7,100 or three percent year over year. The Revere Massachusetts median home sales price is currently $240,000 and there are 135 homes on the market for sale.

With the real estate market slowly moving in a more positive direction than at any time in the past several years, buyers and sellers today are looking forward. However, the real estate industry has changed since its 2006 peak, and both parties are taking note.

Flat fee MLS real estate is gaining in popularity as sellers take more control over selling their own homes and generating higher profits.

How to For Sale by Owner in Revere Massachusetts

In Revere, as well as other cities in Massachusetts, sellers today want to get as much money out of their home as possible. However, paying the average six percent real estate agent commission often leaves sellers with a bitter taste in their mouth especially when many feel they can do the job themselves.

Today, the overwhelming majority of buyers are finding their homes on the Internet. Therefore, it goes without saying that to sell your home in today’s real estate market, your property needs the much needed exposure the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provides.

The MLS is the ultimate source for all property information. Real estate brokers and agents enter all listings in the local MLS. Listing information in the MLS is syndicated to thousands of websites across the Internet so that buyers can find their next home.

Today, for a small, one time flat fee, sellers are listing their property in the official Massachusetts MLS via an entry only listing with a flat fee MLS listing service, to control and manage the sale of their home while keeping more of their equity.

Let’s use the example of an average home for sale in Revere at a price of $240,000. By listing a home via flat fee MLS, a seller can oftentimes save approximately $7,000. By selling a Revere house for sale by owner, that $7,000 goes directly into the seller’s pocket.

Because of this, more and more Suffolk County homeowners are selling their homes with a for sale by owner, or FSBO MLS, approach by choosing to list their homes via an entry only MLS listing service. The thousands of dollars saved is guaranteed if you sell your home without the middle man, in this case, your real estate agent. Today, six homes in Revere are currently listed for sale by their owners with this flat fee MLS service approach and the number is growing.

While the majority of homes sold in Revere MA are by traditional methods (i.e. traditional listing agents charging full commission), there is no doubt that the popularity of flat fee MLS listings is widely accepted statewide.

Why Sell Your Revere MA House by Owner

What makes the flat fee service so appealing is that it promotes the property the same way a real estate agent would. Because all homes on the MLS have a standardized format, your home gets the same amount of attention as all other properties once it’s listed for sale in the MLS.

Buyers in Revere are looking at homes in all price points due to its central location close to downtown Boston. Its population has grown over 10 percent since 2000 and the growth rate is much higher than the rest of Massachusetts. With increasing home values, the Revere community is gaining in popularity, especially with homebuyers. In fact, the house value growth rate is higher than the state’s average and the national average.

So imagine the profits for those that have owned their property in Revere for several years and have a high amount in equity. And if selling by owner with a flat fee MLS approach, profits that a homeowner is able to put in their pocket and carry to their next purchase increases substantially. For those contemplating retirement or buying a new home, this is substantial savings that can go towards a new lifestyle.

How to FSBO in Revere Massachusetts

For those committed to selling their property in the next year, listing your property via an entry only MLS listing guarantees full online exposure including listings on other high profile real estate websites like and Best of all, it’s a realistic and practical way to both save money and increase profits at the closing table.

For Revere homeowners that would enjoy controlling the sale of their own home, working directly with buyers and their agents, all while guaranteeing thousands of dollars in extra profits, then a Massachusetts flat fee MLS service is for you.

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