Best Plymouth MA Flat Fee MLS Entry Only Listing Service for Plymouth FSBOs Selling Their Own Home

The pilgrims first landed in Plymouth Massachusetts, and Plymouth seems to be the first to have landed on the progressive concept of flat fee MLS listings. Oftentimes used by Plymouth for sale by owners (FSBO), flat fee MLS listings allow sellers to get their homes into the official local MLS system for a one-time fee. Plymouth has nearly three times the number of flat fee single family home MLS listings than any other city in Massachusetts.

Plymouth currently has 17 single family homes listed for sale that all leverage this flat fee model, sometimes called entry only MLS listings. In terms of volume of listings, a handful or Massachusetts cities come in second with 6 flat fee MLS listings each, including, Marblehead, North Andover, Revere, Springfield, Walpole, and Weymouth. However, by far,

Plymouth MA For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Clearly, a groundswell of Plymouth flat fee MLS listings is occurring. Property owners in Plymouth who are interested in selling are showing through their actions that they’re interested in the potential of saving thousands of dollars on the sale of their property by leveraging an entry only MLS listing model. This groundswell is happening across a vast array of listing prices in Plymouth, all the way up to $615,000 for the 3,300+ square foot home located at 189 Billington Street Plymouth, MA 02360.

For this Plymouth single family home that is listed at $615,000, the seller saves $15,080 by leveraging the flat fee MLS model offered by instead of a traditional real estate brokerage model where the seller pays a commission to both the Seller’s Agent of the listing brokerage and the Buyer’s Agent of the brokerage representing the buyer. With a Plymouth flat fee listing, there’s simply a one-time flat fee to list the home for sale in the MLS. This $15,080 savings represents a material savings to any seller that can be applied to the purchase of their new home or anything similar.

Plymouth Flat Fee MLS Listings Get More Popular

There have already been 11 single family homes that have sold in Plymouth this year (2012) that leverage the flat fee entry only model, already matching the total number of single family homes that sold using the same model throughout all of 2011, with almost two months to go in the calendar year. While the total number of single family homes in Plymouth sold via a traditional real estate brokerage model far outweighs those sold using a flat fee MLS model, the entry only model of listing a property for sale is gaining popularity in Plymouth.

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