Let's solve the most difficult FSBO challenge and demystify how to price your FSBO to sell for top dollar.

Pricing is important in the home selling process

Realtors have a tried and true approach to pricing a home to sell, so should you!

here's what a realtor does to Price
important to pricing
that doesn't sound so hard, what's the big deal?

Here's the difference between you and a realtor, data access. it's extremely difficult for a FSBO to access the same tools and information a licensed Realtor does quickly and easily, let alone all in one place, the MLS!

Determine FSBO Asking Price
WHAT’S INCLUDED for each listing
but wait, there's more 😊

We include bonus material you will not find in public records from MLS PIN to take your pricing to the next level.

For Sale By Owner Pricing Guide

FSBO access to Realtor tools and data, including information not in public records.

Optimize List Price when you Sell by Owner

Think about a simple and easy baseline like price per square foot - you should be able to quickly check the average price per square foot of single family homes and condominiums sold in your area. While price per square foot should not alone drive your list price, it represents a simple gut check on pricing, am I low, am I high. It's just not feasible for FSBOs to pull together price per square foot data on hundreds of local homes quickly and easily without direct access to MLS listing data you will find in our Guide.

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