Boston For Sale by Owner Condos

When looking at the current condominium market of flat fee entry only MLS listings in Massachusetts, there’s one city that aggressively uses this listing technique, and that is Boston. The capital of Massachusetts, home to 600,000+ residents, has more than three times the number of entry only, or flat fee, MLS condo listings as the next closest city, which is North Andover, MA. What is the motivation for Boston for sale by owners to leverage an entry only flat fee approach to listing their condominium for sale?

Boston for Sale by Owner Condo Listings

Based on information provided by the Boston MLS system, in just the last one month alone, there have been 311 Boston condominium real estate sales that have taken place, the average sale price was $655,404. Clearly there is significant volume in the market, and given an average sale price of over $650,000, we’re looking at individuals who have more than likely been involved in more than one real estate transaction.

With the average Boston condo sales price over the past month being $655,404, on average sellers are paying approximately $32,770 in real estate commissions to sell their condo. Simply put, Bostonians are pursuing a Boston for sale by owner (FSBO) approach because they have the ability to save more than $16,000 in real estate commissions with a flat fee MLS solution.

Flat Fee Boston MLS Listings

Boston FSBOs can list their condominiums for sale using a one-time flat fee listing. Such a solution will allow you to list your for sale by owner Boston condo on the official local MLS, as well as websites like and, for a one-time flat fee without paying a commission to the listing brokerage.

Practically speaking, if you were to take the average sale price of a Boston condominium over the past month ($655,404) and use that as an example, a seller would save $16,090 by using a flat fee Boston MLS listing – condos for sale by owner in Boston can save property owners thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. You can read more about how MLS entry only listings work at /how-mls-entry-only-listings-work/.

Flat fee entry only MLS listings are gaining popularity in Massachusetts, and that trend is exemplified in Boston, which has three times the number of entry only MLS condo listings as any city in Massachusetts.

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