New Feature: List on MLS Immediately or Schedule for a Specific Future Date

Just as the real estate market is ever-changing, so too is our flat fee MLS listing platform. We’re constantly rolling out new releases to our entry only MLS realty service offering packed with new features and functionality to respond to change and the requests of our clients so that we can deliver more value to you, the sophisticated FSBO!

The most recent addition to our platform allows a FSBO to select during the listing process whether they want their listing published on the MLS immediately, or, on a specific date in the future.

As FSBOs become more sophisticated, they’re investing significant time upfront to learn and prepare how to FSBO before their listing ever hits the market. While many FSBOs want their property listed in the MLS as soon as possible, we’ve seen more and more clients leverage our flat fee MLS listing service and request that their listing be published on the MLS (and thus, “hit the market”) on a specific future date. Doing so allows a FSBO to line up a number of different items, from purchasing a FSBO real estate yard sign and actually allowing enough time for the sign to arrive at their home, assembling a professionally designed FSBO real estate flyer template for private showings and open houses (which we provide for free to our clients), to taking higher end or professional photos of the property.

Wait, you’ve got a professionally designed real estate flyer that you pass out during private showings and open houses, right?

At the end of the day, it’s about orchestrating a set of activities to come together so that when a property is actually published in the MLS, is syndicated across the Internet to the most popular real estate websites, and goes live on the market, it does so with a bang. Sounds a lot like what a traditional real estate agent who charges a standard real estate agent commission would do with one of their prized listings, doesn’t it?

Entry Only New England is the most advanced flat fee MLS listing service in Massachusetts, we’ll continue to release new features to our platform that pass more value onto our clients. Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot of great innovations in the development pipeline that will make you a more sophisticated FSBO and help you sell your home on your own both faster and for more money than you ever thought possible!

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