How Much Commission Do Buyer’s Agents Get Paid?


How Much Commission Do Buyer's Agents Get Paid?

FSBOs & Buyer's Agents

FSBOs use entry only MLS listing to list by owner on the MLS without a Realtor to avoid paying a listing broker commission, but what about the Buyer’s Agent?

There’s ambiguity here for the average FSBO, FSBOs just don’t know what to offer.

In "traditional" full-commission real estate transactions, there’s a total amount of real estate agent commission decided upon when a listing agreement is signed, and that commission is split between the listing broker and the Buyer’s Agent.

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FSBOs Pay Buyer’s Agent Commission

In looking at buyer’s agent commission paid on both single family homes and condos sold in Massachusetts, what we saw is there’s a sweet spot of 2% or 2.5% earned by buyer’s agents.  Our study revealed that a majority of the time, one specific buyer’s agent commission is offered in Massachusetts. Interesting for FSBOs is that the commission they offer buyer’s agents differs slightly from the overall market. While there are sellers interested in offering a buyer’s agent commission of less than 2%, this only happens .24% of the time in our research.

Complete Buyer’s Agent Commission Report

The complete first-of-its-kind buyer’s agent commission study is available as part of our entry only MLS listing packages or sold separately. Entry Only New England is the most advanced and professional entry only MLS platform in Massachusetts. Access to the in-depth information in our full buyer’s agent commission report complements other features of our flat fee MLS realty service. Visit our FSBO FAQ for more information on advertising in the MLS by owner.

Optimize Buyer's Agent Commission when you Sell by Owner

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