Westford FSBO Saves $21,155 Using Entry Only MLS Listing

Of the 33,329 homes (both single family and condominium) that have sold over the past six months in Massachusetts, 612 of them were sold using an entry only MLS listing. Approximately 1.8% of Massachusetts home sales in the past six months sold leveraging a flat fee MLS approach. While the percentage of entry only MLS listings remains just a small piece of the overall real estate listing pie, from 2012 to 2013, the number of properties making their way into the MLS using an entry only MLS approach skyrocketed by 24%.

For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) are turning to a flat fee entry only MLS listing approach, essentially, selling their home without a Realtor, for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the savings in real estate agent commissions – FSBOs are now able to cut in half, and potentially eliminate, average real estate agent commissions in Massachusetts when leveraging an entry only MLS listing.

How to FSBO Westford Massachusetts

The most recent real life example of a flat fee MLS entry only listing is at 8 Morning Glory Circle Westford, MA 01886. With 24 days on market (DOM), this 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home sold for $858,000, 93% of the original listing price. The homeowner leveraged Entry Only New England to place their home in the official Massachusetts MLS.

Selling their Westford home without a Realtor saved the FSBO $21,155! Learn more about how entry only MLS listings work, with a whiteboard explanation of the math behind the savings! With Entry Only New England, FSBOs can use our 100% online listing process to complete an entry only MLS listing in approximately 20 minutes!

There are currently 124 single family homes and condominiums for sale in Westford, MA, 7 of them are Westford entry only MLS listings – almost 6% of homes in Westford are using a flat fee MLS approach, approximately triple the Massachusetts state average. With nearly 6% of all homes for sale in Westford using an entry only approach, that puts Westford near the top of the list in leveraging the unique exposure of the MLS to sell a home without the added fees of a traditional listing broker charging a full commission.

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