Milton Massachusetts FSBO Uses Flat Fee MLS Listing

The average number of days on market (DOM) for a home to sell in Milton Massachusetts is 71. Over the past six months, homeowners in Milton (zip code 02186) have persevered through the home selling process for nearly two and half months, on average, before a mutually agreed upon offer is accepted, and a sale is made. What if you could sell your home in a fraction of that time, and not pay a real estate agent commission to list your home for sale, would you be interested?

One of the most recent single family homes in Milton to go under agreement is 94 Nahanton Ave Milton, MA 02186. Instead of 71 days on market, 94 Nahanton Ave went under agreement in 5 days.

Yes, 5 days, that’s about 14 times faster than average. What’s interesting is 94 Nahanton Ave was listed for sale as a flat fee MLS entry only listing, meaning, the owner pursued a for sale by owner (FSBO) approach, paid a one-time flat fee to list their home in the MLS system of Massachusetts, and have saved themselves the burden of paying traditional real estate listing broker commission.

With a listing price of $895,000, the Milton FSBO at 94 Nahanton Ave is poised to save approximately $22,000 in real estate agent commissions by listing their own home for sale without a Realtor.

Milton Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS

Selling 14 times faster than average in real estate screams one thing, exposure. The FSBO at 94 Nahanton Ave leveraged the flat fee MLS service at Entry Only New England knowing that their listing would quickly and easily be entered into the official Massachusetts MLS and then immediately syndicated to all of the most popular real estate websites. That combination drives tremendous exposure for the property, regardless of whether it was listed for sale by a traditional real estate agent charging a full commission, or via a one-time flat fee MLS approach.

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