Massachusetts Flat Fee Rental Listings

One of our most recent entry only MLS listings is a Brookline flat fee MLS rental listing. There are currently 36 rental listings available in Brookline Massachusetts, but only 1 of those is an entry only MLS rental listing.

Brookline MA Flat Fee MLS Rental Listings

6 Meadowbrook Road Brookline, MA 02467 (MLS ID 71467351) was listed for rent on December 31, 2012 using our flat fee MLS entry only listing platform. The landlord paid a one-time flat fee to get their property into the MLS, and with the MLS being syndicated to thousands of websites, in front of thousands searching the web for their next Brookline rental property. The property went Under Agreement just 6 days later.

Real estate commissions for rental transactions oftentimes end up totaling one month’s rent, typically split 50/50 between the broker listing the property for rent and the agent who brings the renter to the table. In the case of 6 Meadowbrook Road, the property was listed for rent at $3,850 per month. If the landlord would have listed their Brookline rental property in the MLS using a traditional brokerage model, they would have paid a total of $3,850 in real estate commissions. With the landlord leveraging, a one-time flat fee was paid to list the property for rent in the MLS, and instead of paying $3,850 in real estate commissions, the landlord paid $2,220 in total (a $295 one-time flat fee to list the property, and $1,925 to the agent bringing the renter to the transaction). That’s a savings of approximately 42% by simply using our flat fee MLS platform, which is 100% online – you can list your property for sale or rent entirely online in approximately 20 minutes!

Massachusetts Entry Only MLS Rental Listings

There are currently a total of 49 Massachusetts rental listings in the MLS that were listed for rent using an entry only MLS model – against a current total of 3,270 MLS rental listings in the state of Massachusetts, only 1.5% of the landlords in the Massachusetts market are leveraging a flat fee MLS entry only model.

In looking at the savings the landlord of 6 Meadowbrook Road, a Brookline rental property, enjoyed by using an entry only MLS model, it’s clear there is ample opportunity for other Massachusetts landlords.

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