FSBO? Your New Secret Weapon in Less than 60 Seconds

We’re excited to announce the coming of the How to FSBO Podcast!

What’s this all about, and how can you participate as a FSBO and get value from it?

What’s in it for me!?!

The How to FSBO Podcast will be a weekly value-packed podcast that will run 5-15 minutes in length. It will feature a voicemail question submitted directly by a for sale by owner (FSBO) and answered by a real estate broker (that actually wants to help FSBOs be successful in selling their own home without a Realtor).

All it takes from you is asking a question 60 seconds or less!

How to FSBO

The bite-sized podcast episodes will be a great value add to the FSBO community because:

  • Over time, a library of questions and answers from actual FSBOs will develop. Essentially, it will become a giant FAQ that’s packed with real world situations and actionable advice.
  • The voice of the FSBO, literally, will be heard loud and clear and we’ll all gain insight and clarity on what it’s like to list and sell your own home, advertise on the MLS, all without a Realtor.
  • The podcast format will be a new, creative, and innovative medium through which to consume content, opening the channels by which we can access helpful information on selling your own home, and doing it with excellence.
  • The helpful, personal, and no baloney approach of the podcast will continue to reshape the FSBO landscape for the better, arming FSBOs with high quality, professional, FSBO specific education not found anywhere else.

To help get the podcast started by asking a question,, all you have to do is go to http://howtofsbo.com/ask and leave your question in the SpeakPipe widget located on that webpage – it’s super simple to submit your question, you just need a microphone, and you can even leave a voicemail question using your mobile device!

There are a few guidelines to follow when asking a question, and more information about that is located at http://howtofsbo.com/ask.

Get your questions in now, because the How to FSBO Podcast will be launching soon!

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