FSBOs Save $13,777 in Agent Commission with Flat Fee MLS

More than 400 for sale by owners (FSBO) in Massachusetts have listed and sold their single family home or condominium in the first half of 2014 using a flat fee MLS entry only listing.

Savvy homeowners are leveraging the power of the Internet enabled MLS to drive broad exposure for their homes in the marketplace by listing on the MLS without a real estate agent, and are reaping the benefits in the form of significant savings in real estate agent commission paid to sell a home.

While many homeowners still choose to list their home with a full commission traditional real estate agent, there is a growing number of homeowners who have raised their hand to say that technology can make the home selling process more efficient and effective. Those are the FSBOs who leverage flat fee MLS realty services, and in 2014, that group of FSBOs in Massachusetts has saved a considerable amount in real estate broker commission on each and every home sale.

For sale by owner clients at Entry Only New England who have sold their home in 2014 have saved an average of $13,777 in real estate agent commission using flat fee MLS entry only listings. You too can list on the MLS without a Realtor and save big on agent commissions and fees.

Most Popular Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS Cities

It’s not terribly surprising that Boston, as a progressive technologically advanced hub, has embraced entry only MLS listings as a means to list on the MLS without a Realtor and ultimately realize more profit when selling a home by eliminating at least half of real estate agent commission.

However, you may be surprised by some of the other cities across Massachusetts where flat fee MLS has become increasingly popular, Massachusetts cities like Westfield, Springfield, Danvers, and East Longmeadow.

  • Westfield Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS Listings – there are currently 196 single family home and condominium listings for sale in Westfield, and 6 of those are flat fee MLS listings. According to the past 6 months of Massachusetts MLS data, single family homes in Westfield listed and sold as entry only MLS listings closed for 10% more in price and 4 times faster than single family homes listed by traditional real estate agents charging a full commission.
  • Springfield Massachusetts Entry Only MLS Listings – of the 207 single family and condominiums currently listed for sale in Springfield, 7 of them are entry only MLS listings. Over the past 6 months, Springfield flat fee MLS listings sold for 14% more than traditional full commission listings from Realtors, but, took 1.4 times longer to sell.
  • Danvers Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS Listings – with only 76 single family homes and condominiums currently for sale in Danvers, and 6 of those being entry only MLS listings, Danvers has a high predominance of flat fee MLS listings at approximately 8% of the market. It’s not surprising why flat fee MLS in Danvers is so popular, over the past 6 months, single family homes that sold with an entry only MLS listing sold for 42% more and  almost twice as fast as full commission listings from traditional brokerages that charge hefty commissions.
  • East Longmeadow Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS Listings – one of the highest concentrations of flat fee MLS listings in Massachusetts is in the city of East Longmeadow. There are currently 11 flat fee MLS listings in East Longmeadow out of a total of 134 single family homes and condominiums for sale – more than 8% of listings are entry only MLS listings in East Longmeadow, nearly four times the state average. Sellers who have listed for sale by owner in Longmeadow MA over the past six months have sold for 16% more than their traditional full commission broker listing peers, yet have taken approximately twice as long to sell.

List on Boston MLS For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

If you’ve made it this far in the article, it means that you’re serious about selling without a Realtor, that you’re interested in taking advantage of technology to drive exposure for your property, and ultimately, that you don’t want to pay a significant amount of real estate agent commission to a broker.

The bottom line is that to give your for sale by owner the best chance possible, you need the exposure of the MLS. A flat fee MLS entry only listing service will get your home listed on the MLS without a Realtor, the same MLS that agents and brokers use.  Once listed on the MLS, your home will be syndicated to hundreds of websites, including all of the most popular ones that you already visit, like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com.

Nearly 100% of buyers start their home search online, and with the exposure that a flat fee MLS listing provides, your home will be front and center in the eyes of buyers.

Entry Only New England is the first and only all digital Massachusetts flat fee MLS realty service, we make listing on the MLS easy, and have the most professional MLS communication process in the business. We’d love to be a part of your next home sale!

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