Include School Information in Your Flat Fee MLS Listing

For single family homeowners, the school district in which your home resides can represent an important selling feature of your home. That’s why Entry Only New England has added the ability for FSBOs to enter school information about their home during the single family home flat fee MLS listing process.

As part of our streamlined listing process, FSBOs listing a single family home for sale on the MLS can now choose whether to include school information (grade school, middle school, and high school) in their MLS listing by easily selecting the option to do so during submission of their property details.

If school information is important to you and you believe it can add incremental benefit to your listing, you can simply click yes to include school information during our listing process. If school information is not material to your property listing, FSBOs that don’t want to be bogged down with entering erroneous information during the listing process can quickly and easily skip entering school information and quickly move on to the other areas of providing property information – entering school information for a single family home listing will remain optional.

What Is the Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

As a FSBO seller, you’re time is scarce, it’s both valuable and finite, so a flat fee MLS realty service that is best for you will be one that leverages technology and intuitive systems to save you time and keep the flat fee MLS listing process as simple and efficient as possible.

Entry Only New England is the first and only all digital flat fee MLS service in Massachusetts that lists property for sale and rent on the official MLS of Massachusetts that all licensed agents and brokers use – you can list your home on the MLS without an agent in approximately 20 minutes!

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