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It’s time to connect with the perfect buyer. Your home matches the search criteria of hundreds of buyers, let’s contact their real estate agents and tell them about your property.

FSBO: Find Your Perfect Buyer with Buyer Match Connect (Beta)
FSBO Game Chanager: Buyer Match Connect (BETA)

Contact real estate agents who have buyers actively searching for homes like yours (location, type, price, size), Buyer Match Connect delivers laser-targeted engagement and exposure to sell your home FSBO.

1. We Identify Buyers & Their Agents

We discovered a way to identify the specific buyers and their agents who are actively searching for a home just like yours. This is the perfect audience to which your property should be promoted.

2. We Email Real Estate Agents Directly

We send an informational email about your property to the identified agents with a message that highlights compelling information about your property, how best they can see it (open house or private showing), and your contact information.

3. Collect & Course-Correct

You should collect the (accurate) contact information of every single interested party that comes into your home, and, solicit feedback so you can course-correct and constantly curate how your property is presented to the market.

Buyer Match Connect FAQ

We contact real estate agents representing buyers.  For Entry Only New England MLS listings, where Stuart St James is the listing brokerage, we identified a way to individually and directly email the real estate agents who represent buyers actively searching for a property that matches the search criteria of your home – for privacy reasons, we are not able to contact these buyers directly but rather their licensed real estate agents.

Right now, each of our listings has between 97 and 1,779 buyers with matching search criteria, with the average being 481. As an example, one of our listings has 411 buyer matches, these 411 buyers are connected to 137 different agents, and we would email those 137 agents directly.

The more laser-focused we can make the email message along with a catchy subject line, the higher likelihood of opens, yet we cannot guarantee our emails will be opened nor do we have the ability to obtain open rate statistics.

This is a beta-launch of a new offer, please share your additional questions with us as taking an approach of continuous improvement will only make the offer better (and more effective) for everyone.

How to FSBO

Find Your Buyer Faster with Buyer Match Connect.

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